Dental Benefits
made easy

Be part of the solution by offering
Dental Care as apart of your employee
benefit package.

Our employee reward program sees businesses all over New Zealand adding incredible value to their employment package while contributing to changing the oral health landscape of an entire nation. Together, let’s commit to making a lasting contribution.

Here's how Easy Dental can help your business and your employees

Register as an Easy Dental Participating Employer

Think of the easiest way to increase team satisfaction and significantly add value to your team's well-being. Well this is it!
Become a participating employer is easy and cost effective.

Choose one of our weekly contribution tier

We have a range of contribution tiers to suit all business sizes. Contributions are calculated based on your usual pay cycle.
It's a reward accountability model where contributions are available only to those employees that have taken a basic subscription themselves.

Increase employment satisfaction and productivity

Your team's self-esteem and well-being is reflected on the company. Toothache is unpleasant and will affect mood.
Reduce sick leaves due to oral health reasons and get your team to boast a healthy smile at work.

Be like these companies who are already making a difference to their employees' dental care.


We would love to chat about how we can help you and your team.